What You Need to Make Pottery

Published: 16th March 2009
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There are two main kinds of pottery making; one is really called ceramics and the other is working with clay on a potter's wheel. The latter requires a greater degree of skill than the former, so be prepared to go to lessons for some time before you make something worthwhile.

While you need both a pottery wheel and a kiln to make pottery, you may not need to have your own. If you attend lessons, the teacher will have these costly items. They will also provide the clay and necessary tools. This means that you won't be able to pursue the craft at home, but must wait until you are at lessons to do it.

So apart from a kiln and clay you need a wire tool to cut clay off a bigger block; a metal or wood rib for smoothing plate rims; a knife to cut slabs of clay when hand building; a needle tool to cut rims when throwing; a wooden knife to finish edges; scales for measuring; glaze and brushes for finishing. And if you want to etch a design into the clay you will need a variety of other tools or objects. Last but not least, don't forget the water and towel to clean off your hands.

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