The Benefits of Owning Motorbikes

Published: 07th January 2010
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Motorbikes are a cost effective way to get from one place to another, but they can also be a whole lot of fun. Not only are you doing your bit to conserve fossil fuels when you choose motorbikes over cars, you are creating less congestion on the road.
Most people need a vehicle of some kind to get them from point A to point B and to have a little fun with too, if possible. Cars used to be the most popular way of doing both, but rising fuel costs mean that more people are turning to motorbikes as a cost effective way of getting around.

Motorbikes have many benefits. They are not only fuel efficient, costing much less than even the smallest car to run; they take up less room on the road and in parking lots. This means they are much easier to park and to get out of that parking place if the cars next door or at either end have been parked too close.

But what if your motorbike breaks down? Again, this will cost you much less than a car in the same predicament. For a start, your broken-down motorbike can easily be loaded onto the back of a friend's Ute or truck or even into a horse float if there is one handy. This will save a great deal in the cost of towing fees if you are not with an insurer who provides that service.

You can have lots of fun with motorbikes too. You could join a motorbike club for social fun and trips around the country, no matter what your age is. And riding motorbikes causes less traffic build-up on the roads. When there is a traffic jam, often bikes can idle up the edge of the traffic and get out of it long before the other motorists, much to their chagrin.
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