How Much Memory Do You Need for Your Camera?

Published: 29th October 2009
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This article discusses facts about digital camera memory cards and how much storage memory one really needs.

The memory cards that come with cameras are never big enough - some only hold about 10 or 12 pictures, so you'll always need to buy another memory card. If you think this is a rip-off you may be right, but in any case, a card with more memory will certainly allow you to take many more snaps before needing to transfer to the computer.

Some of the smaller, cheaper digicams cannot take more than 2 GB. The manual will advise you your camera's capacity. Much depends on the resolution of the camera. A 5-megapixel camera can store up to 195 JPEG images on a 512 MB card, while one of 8 megapixels can store only 143. A 2GB card would store 800 and 582 respectively.

The higher the resolution your camera has, the less images store on the card. But for a 12-megapixel camera you can purchase an 8GB card and store about 1214 images, depending on what model camera you have and how much the files are compressed. This information will also be in your manual.

If you have a DSLR camera you'll need a higher storage capacity than if you had a digicams, with TIFF capture setting taking even more, because TIFF files are uncompressed.
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